AWGS Fencing

Make the most of your garden throughout this year with our range of new and classic fencing for gardens of all shapes and sizes. Using a trusted brand of fencing we deliver premium quality products combining style with practicality and longevity.

We have a fantastic range of fencing to choose from:

  • Close Board
  • Pre Made Close Board
  • Larch Lap Panels
  • Continental Panels
  • Trellis
  • Post and Rail
  • Split Chesnut Cleft Rail

Fencing improves security. It keeps the inside in and the outside out, preventing unwanted animals, unauthorised vehicles or people from accessing your land.

Wind, rain, direct sun? Is there a spot in your garden that needs a little extra protection? Our Hurdles are great for sheltering flower borders from windy conditions. They are made by skilled craftsmen, using entirely natural materials. The panels are hand woven and ideal for forming a natural looking backdrop to any landscaping scheme.

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